>Clooney catches The Monster of Florence

>Following George Clooney’s excellent performance in Anton Corbijn’s The American, it hardly comes as a surprise that Fox 2000 have chosen him for their upcoming “star vehicle” role. Announcing Clooney as the lead, Fox 2000 have just finalised a deal to option the best-selling, non-fiction crime novel, The Monster of Florence, Deadline report.

Pitched to Carla Hacken of Fox 2000 before the holidays and with president Elizabeth Gabler onboard, the deal was apparently all tied up before Christmas. Screenwriters Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander, who worked together on Valkyrie, will adapt the novel for screen. McQuarrie, together with Smokehouse’s Grant Heslov, and the Jinks/Cohen Company (Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen), will produce. Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner are also credited as producers on IMDBpro.

The Monster of Florence is a best-selling “true story” written by Douglas Preston. The film adaptation will see Clooney play Preston who, along with Italian crime reporter Mario Spezi, began investigating a set of thirty-year-old unsolved serial murders. In the years between 1974 and 1985, seven couples sitting in their parked cars not far from Florence were brutally murdered. At one time Preston got close to cracking the case, but the authorities, none too impressed, interrogated him and put Spezi in jail. Finally, the two put the pieces together and solved the puzzle.

Sounds like another gripping crime thriller and, with Clooney in the lead, will hopefully prove to be just as thrilling as it sounds.

The film will be shot on location in Italy, Clooney’s second home, and is already in pre-production but no tentative release date has yet been set.

Discuss: Who should play Clooney’s sidekick?

One Response to “>Clooney catches The Monster of Florence”

  1. >Can't wait to see this book come to life in a movie. I have read the book and am amazed at the incompetence of the investigative team and the prosecutors office. George will play a brilliant lead role.

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