>Andy Samberg to ‘Hate’ Adam Sandler

>The Hollywood Reporter has announced Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg are in talks with Columbia Pictures to star in a new comedy called I Hate You Dad.

Before you get too excited and think Sandler and Samberg would make perfect brothers on screen, I Hate You Dad looks to cast Sandler as the ‘dad’ part of the title, with Samberg playing his son despite the 12 year age difference in real life.

The film will follow the misadventures of a father and son when the dad moves in on the eve of his son’s wedding and doesn’t see eye to eye with his soon to be daughter-in-law.

While we’re not too sure how Sandler will pull off the disapproving daddy (and not of the ‘Big‘ variety), we’re quite excited to see Samberg elevated to a leading role in what looks to be a major film. While playing the lead in the little known (or appreciated) Hot Rod, Samberg is better known for his work on Saturday Night Live, as singer in the comedy troupe The Lonely Island, and in supporting roles in films such as I Love You, Man.

The film is still in development with no director on board, but will be produced under Sandler’s Happy Madison banner. The screenplay was written by first time feature film scribe David Caspe with a rewrite by David Wain (Role Models, Wet Hot American Summer) and Ken Marino (Role Models, genius comedic actor from such shows as Party Down and Veronica Mars).

Discuss: Can you see Adam Sandler as Samberg’s dad?

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