>Trailer Debut: Scream 4

>Finally something we can all get excited about. It’s been eleven long years since horror director legend Wes Craven and talented screenwriter Kevin Williamson got together to advance the franchise, but now, in 2011, they’re back with the next instalment of Scream and according to this new feature trailer, it’s going to be a reboot to remember!

With real life couple David Arquette and Courtney Cox-Arquette, as well as final-girl-who-just-won’t-die Neve Campbell all back in Woodsboro, it’s time for a few more murders to take place. Joining them is a stellar cast including an absolute bevy of TV’s finest: The OC’s Adam Brody, HeroesHayden Panettiere, Mad Men’s Alison Brie and True Blood’s Anna Paquin to name but a few.

The trailer certainly makes it seem as though our fourth adventure in Woodsboro is going to be even bloodier than before and it’s hard to tell from such a short edit whether or not comedy will feature quite so prevalently. One thing’s for certain though: if you’re friends with Sidney, you’re going to die!

Check it out and share your thoughts below:

Discuss: Will the return to Woodsboro live up to its predecessors?

One Response to “>Trailer Debut: Scream 4”

  1. >This is going to be a FUN movie. It's not going to take itself so seriously, Inception-style. It's not going to be cheese, Saw-style. And it's got some good, but not overly-Hollywood actors. I can't wait!

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