>RED 2 in the works

>According to Collider, Summit Entertainment has commissioned screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber to write the sequel to last year’s hit action/comedy RED. Whilst critical reception of the first film remains mixed, the pic certainly did well at the box office grossing $164 million USD worldwide. And it doesn’t hurt that it was nominated for (though didn’t win) Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical) at the Golden Globes either.

Although the project is not yet green lit, having the screenwriters on board – and the treatment in the bag – will definitely help when it comes time to get studios and producers to sign up.

RED (Retired. Extremely. Dangerous.), which was more likely a success due to its stellar cast than its screenplay, will really need to get the “names” to agree to come back if they want the film to expand into a serious Hollywood franchise. Certainly getting Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren back on board will be essential and that’s just two big names amongst a veritable bevy of A-listers who starred in the popular original (including John Malkovich and Mary-Louise Parker).

Although the DC Comics comic book series upon which Red is based is less commercially popular than some of the other adaptations currently doing the rounds, it’s also likely to help that Cully Hamner was last year announced to return to write and illustrate a forty page prequel called RED: Eyes Only. Perhaps our sequel in the writing will be a prequel after all…?

Discuss: Will the project get the green light? Would you shell out for a sequel to RED?

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