>Depp to replace Downey Jr. in Oz: The Great and Powerful?

>Robert Downey Jr. is the Great and Powerful Oz no longer according to The Hollywood Reporter, as Disney begins discussions with Johnny Depp to take over the role.

We reported back in June of last year about Oz: The Great and Powerful, the 3D prequel to The Wizard of Oz. Director Sam Raimi and Producer Joe Roth (Alice in Wonderland) are still reportedly attached to the production which Disney hopes to begin filming later this year.

There’s no news on why Downey Jr. has dropped out of the film, but it is the second major role he has turned down recently (the other being Gravity opposite Sandra Bullock).

Johnny Depp would make a fine Wizard of Oz and with his strong relationship with Disney it’s entirely possible he will take the role. The only issue that may deter him is the upcoming film The Lone Ranger where he is set to play the role of Tonto. If schedules can allow it we might be seeing some casting news sooner rather than later, but let’s hope he gives the role, and us, a bit more than the Mad Hatter meets Willy Wonka in the land called Oz.

Discuss: Is Depp an adequate replacement for Mr Downey Jr.? Also, why is Robert turning down all these high profile pictures?

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