The most complained about films of 2010

Something we take a sort-of bizarre pleasure in here at the Quickflix Blog is discovering which films Australian consumers are so disturbed by they feel compelled to register complaints with the Australian Classification Board.

We asked the Board which films received the most vitriol in the past twelve months. The results are as follows…

1. Bruno

The most complained about film of 2010 was actually a 2009 release, which just goes to show the staying power of this wildly controversial title. 33 complaints were registered against Bruno, with many decrying the raunchy nature of this picture as unfitting for a MA15+ film. So, pop a bottle of champagne Sacha Baron Cohen! (Fun fact: Australian audiences were shown an edited cut of Bruno than that shown in the U.S. Man alive, we are prudes.)

2. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

24 complaints were placed against Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s 1975 masterpiece Salo, which had been refused classification in Australia for a number of years, and awarded an R18+ rating in 2010. Most of those doing the complaining wished the film had remained banned, which goes to show just how appreciative we are of the arts.

3. The Princess and the Frog

Not the most obvious descendant of Bruno or Salo, 18 people felt Disney’s G-rated The Princess and the Frog was too scary for the littlies.

4. Kick Ass

Also on 18 complaints, Matthew Vaughn‘s candy-coloured cornucopia of carnage Kick Ass was targeted for its extreme violence and coarse language, primarily involving 11-year-old Hit Girl. We suspect most of those 18 complaints came from these family groups.

5. A Christmas Carol

13 people felt this late 2009 motion-captured kids flick was a tad too spooky. We kind of agree on them with this one.

The other most complained about films include last year’s victor Land of the Lost (12 complaints), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (11 complaints), Last House on the Left (4 complaints), and Blue Elephant (not this Blue Elephant) and Gamer with 2 complaints apiece.

Discuss: Which films do you think could take this prestigious accolade in 2011? Surely there’s gotta be another movie with an infantile assassin coming out?

11 Responses to “The most complained about films of 2010”

  1. >I'm a little surprised not to see Anitchrist rate a mention.And I can only assume the 4 complaints for Last House On The Left were about the idiotic ending.

  2. >Unbelievable that people complain about Salo. I'm sure that it's horrifying (I wisely haven't seen it), but it's rated R18+. How can you NOT know what you're getting into?!

  3. >Agree with BIQ, surprised not to see Antichrist, or the human centipede. Personally I thought there would be more complaints about the two hour advertisement that was SATC 2.

  4. >Agreed that it is puzzling how people could chance upon 'Salo' without knowing something about its reputation. Then again, if they are complaining to the Classification Board, it's probable that they weren't taken by suprise but simply automatically object to it on moral or religious grounds. To anyone one has been offended by Salo, try Pasolini's 'The Gospel According to St. Matthew', which is an interesting and reverential version of the new testament story. Without wanting to come across all holier-than-thou, I also find it unbelievable that a FILM company would send out an email talking about not appreciating the arts and then writing Pier Paolo PASSOLINI. Quickflix could do a better job of lifting the general level of film education by including more foreign classics in their catalogue and not just focusing on the latest Ben Stiller comedy.

  5. >@RichardWhoops! An ironic typo. They're the worst.It's been amended; can we blame this one on the Australian public too?

  6. >Cheers Simon, thanks for that. I didn't mean to be narky, I'm just a stickler for precision. I'm also not necessarily standing up to defend Salo as a great work of art, I just think that a film should be considered in context. No-one could say that Pasolini ever envisioned Salo to be a work of mass entertainment and a fun time for all – it is an amalgam of De Sade's book and Pasolini's denunciation of Italian fascist collaborators, with many symbolic elements. Quite possibly it is not to everyone's taste, but it's not as though he is some schlock-horror-meister presenting a straightforward "horror" film merely for the sake of scaring or grossing people out and to judge him on the same merits as an exploitation film-maker is I think unfair. Which is the mistake that the complainers make. Uh-oh, there I go again! Being all preachy! Also, I'm no snob, I like dumb comedies, I just like a balanced diet and a little bran along with my Froot-Loops. 🙂

  7. >Gee lighten up Richard! Have you never made a spelling mistake or typo??? Oh wait, you have, check out line 5 "suprise"… do you mean SURPRISE! I think Quickflix does a great job of reviewing a wide range of films. Keep up the good work.

  8. >Haha, now now, no need to start a flame war!@Anonymous – Thank you kindly.@Richard – No offense taken. If someone pointing out a typo were enough to ruin my day, well, I wouldn't live a happy day for the rest of my life.Now let's talk about what's really important – SALO!Obviously Rich is right; Salo is not to be consumed in the same way as Hostel or Saw. It's a horrifying, haunting (occasionally comic) and downright ballsy – in 1975 and today – satire and condemnation of fascism in Italy. Good satire doesn't pull its punches – it goes further then we can stand. Love Salo or hate it, you can't deny that Pasolini gets his point across. (Side note: I love it).

  9. >Why complain about "Land of the Lost"? It was a bit silly sure, but complaints? Curious…some poeple do have too much time on their hands.. "The Reader" would have to be in my top 10 worst films, but it could have been 2008?

  10. >What about "Cop Out", the kid used foul langauage in that as well. Kick Ass is just unimaginative dribble as it is just using shocking people to get an audience, I wonder how many people would have seen it had they not heard the crontroversy about the 11 year old using foul language? I heard many people in the local DVD store only hire this movie to hear the kid swear. Kids swearing is like Jerry Springer now…shocking when you first see it but now it's just annoying and common place, there in lies the problem, film makers will increase inappropriate behaviour for kids onscreen to up the shock value. Don't assume that everybody who disagreed and complained about Kick Ass are religious family groups because you would be completely wrong.Why wasn't Australia complained about…that was absolute torture for the senses and Paranormal Activity should have had the most complaints as it was marketed as a horror film and in reality was a boring home video about a couple tossing and turning in bed…I went to sleep in the cinema…really…zzzz

  11. >I can't believe the negative feedback on "Kick Ass". I thought it was going to be a teen flick but absolutely loved it! It was amusing, made a statement and while the language was confronting at times, believe that it was not gratuitous. "Hit Girl" was awesome – and the first time I actually liked Nicholas Cage in a film. Sure it was violent but I thought a very innovative film and not for the squeamish. Definitely an adults film. One of my favorites of 2010.

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