>Trailer Debut: Griff the Invisible

>The trailer for Leon Ford’s Australian superhero movie Griff the Invisible has debuted online.

Griff the Invisible is a “superhero movie” in the loosest possible sense of the term. Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is a lonely man whose superpowers can only really be seen by one other person. He works a menial job and, aside from his brother Tim (Patrick Brammall), has no friends. In fact, Griff’s interaction with the real world is questionable at the best of times. It is only when he meets Melody (Maeve Dermody) that his true powers are finally seen.

More of a love-story than a high-octane actioner, Griff the Invisible looks, from its trailer, like a sweet, quirky little film that will appeal to lovers of the Indie flick. However, whilst the trailer is certainly fair in its snapshot of the film as a whole, the film itself is really about as powerless as its protagonist.

Check out the trailer below.

Griff is due to hit Australian cinemas in March, but the question is, if he’s supposed to be invisible, will anyone see him?

Discuss: Might Kwanten make a better superhero if he were actually kicking ass and saving lives rather than romping around the world of romance?

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