>Tron: 3 rumour does the rounds

>I know it wasn’t everyone’s favourite film of 2010, but for those of you who, like me, thought Tron: Legacy was one of the most exciting cinematic experiences in recent years, you’ll be pleased to know that over on Ain’t It Cool News, Harry has given some credence to rumours of an in-the-works Tron: 3.

Apparently the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Tron: Legacy will include a short teaser trailer for the rumoured follow up feature. Including spoilers (please stop reading now if you don’t want to know), the teaser supposedly includes three new scenes, the content of which are a little elusive…

One scene has Alan (Bruce Boxleitner) playing opposite Ram (Dan Shor), who is now destroying files and data after his failed “Flynn Lives” campaign. “Ram” rather fittingly being the system’s access memory here.

Another scene has Quorra (Olivia Wilde) amidst a cloud of paparazzi outside the Encom building where she claims she has just spoken with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges).

The final shot is said to have the The Dillingers (played by David Warner and Cillian Murphy) having a father-son chat, confirming that “everything is going as planned”. This sequence is apparently subject to “text screens” which means we may or may not get to see the actor’s in action here. (Boo!)

Of course, none of this actually means Tron: 3 is definitely going to happen. Shooting footage for a teaser and taking test shots does not a feature film make. And even though Tron: Legacy has already grossed $330 million worldwide, until Disney or IMDBpro have anything to say about it, I’d recommend you keep your pants on.

The UK will see the first release of the DVD/Blu-ray on April 11 so I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out what’s happening in the real world and what’s just a rumour on the grid.

Discuss: Do you think Disney will go ahead with Tron: 3?

3 Responses to “>Tron: 3 rumour does the rounds”

  1. >What about the original movie from 1983? Will that ever be released on DVD/Blu ray?

  2. >There is this website called Quickflix that has a large DVD collection. You can even search for titles like Tron! What an age we live in…

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