>Life in a Day to premiere on YouTube

>Life in a Day – the globally crowdsourced movie produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin MacDonald – is set to make its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Fittingly, the film will play on YouTube at the same time, so that the thousands of people from around the world who submitted footage will be able to enjoy it simultaneously.

As Jess wrote in her Sundance piece earlier this week; “the 90 minute documentary was compiled from 80,000 clips submitted through YouTube, all of which were filmed on July 24, 2010.” The footage was sent in from 197 countries around the world.

Distribution rights (at least in the U.S.) were purchased by National Geographic Films, who plan to release the film in cinemas before it making it available online.

BUT, why wait until then? Australian viewers can tune in to the official Life in a Day YouTube channel at 12:00pm EST on January 28th, 2011 to catch the premiere.

Or, hit the fancy picture below!

Discuss: Is this the way of the future or just a fun novelty?

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  1. >So. Much. Excitement.

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