>Who will play Lois Lane in Superman? Not Kristen Stewart, that’s for sure.

>Earlier this week it was revealed that Henry Cavill will take on the highly coveted role of the Man of Steel in Zack Snyder’s new Superman flick. Now, Hollywood turns its attention from one horse race to another: which lucky lady will star opposite him as love interest Lois Lane?

According to What’s Playing, Malin Akerman, Dianna Agron, Jessica Biel and Rachel McAdams have either read, or will soon read for the part. They also mention Kristen Stewart, but the New York Daily News claim that Stewart turned down the role after meeting with Snyder (who, hilariously, felt she had “wasted is time”).

Latino Review throw Olivia Wilde’s name into the pile.

Obviously, every A-list actress and up-and-comer will be rumoured for the role in the coming weeks (no doubt agents will circulate their client’s names just to get them in the running). Trust us; this is just the beginning.

Discuss: Which actress would you like to see star as Lois Lane?

One Response to “>Who will play Lois Lane in Superman? Not Kristen Stewart, that’s for sure.”

  1. >Shiri Appleby, Nina Dobrev or Jessica Alba.

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