Superbowl Trailer Debut: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

>On Sunday evening in the United States, families gathered around their televisions to learn which products they should consume and which movies they should buy tickets to in the coming weeks and months. It was intermittently interrupted by a football game and a performance by the Black Eyed Peas. They call it the Superbowl.

One of the films that introduced itself to the world (although it’s hardly some little-known mumblecore flick) was Michael Bay’s Transformers – Dark of the Moon. The third instalment of his fighting-robots saga follows 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen, a picture that neither the director or star liked (and voice-of-the-villain Hugo Weaving didn’t even watch). Check out the 30-second teaser – admittedly showing off some exciting end-of-days imagery – and share your thoughts below!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (in 3D!) will not feature Megan Fox or the racist robot twins. It arrives in Australian cinemas July 1, 2011.

Discuss: To those of you who are still fans of the Transformers franchise; is this an adequate teaser? If you weren’t a fan of the previous films; does this one have you intrigued?

One Response to “Superbowl Trailer Debut: Transformers – Dark of the Moon”

  1. >From this trailer? not so much (though Prime kicking tailgate is always going to look cool) – why can he still fly? Anyway the longer trailer about the titular Moon -hell yes. Just because the first film sucked and the second film blew doesn't mean the third will suck OR blow, right? Right? Whose with me?, ah, who am I kidding. It'll be god awful but I will pay to go see it just in case, so they will make another one I will also pay to see just in case and so on – that's the magic of hollyood folks.A transformers film where HUMANS feature in the trailer is going to disappoint anyone who is a real fan and giant fuzzy robots fighting will kill it for anyone who isn't.

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