Kevin Smith bringing back Affleck and Damon for final film?

Kevin Smith hopes to reunite all the stars of his former films for his final project as writer/director, the hockey comedy Hit Somebody.

Inspired by the Warren Zevon/Mitch Albom song of the same name, Hit Somebody is an affectionate look at the world of hockey, beginning in the 1950s and ending in the 1980s. It was originally meant to star Seann William Scott, but he has since been replaced with newcomer Nicholas Braun.

In a long interview with MTV promoting his upcoming, self-distributed horror flick Red State, Smith discussed his desire to bring back his former colleagues for his swan song.

“They’re all coming back. It’s like The Muppet Movie. you’ve got your core cast, and then a zillion cameos… It’s going to sum everything up. We’ll have a team in Boston, and who do you think I’m going to call? Both of those dudes.”

Of course, “those dudes” are clearly Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the Boston-natives who appeared in Smith’s early flicks Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Dogma. Smith also produced the Damon/Affleck scripted Good Will Hunting.

Smith expanded on his intentions for the half-written Hit Somebody during the interview, saying that he hopes the film will ‘sum up everything’ regarding his career, including his unexpected entry into the world of filmmaking.

“[It’s about a guy] who loves hockey with all his heart, but is no damn good at it. Then he gets his shot.”

Smith will be focusing primarily on touring Red State around America – and the rest of the world – for the next 12 months, so it’ll be a while until Hit Somebody hits cinemas.

Discuss: Which of Smith’s former cast members would you like to see return for his final film?

2 Responses to “Kevin Smith bringing back Affleck and Damon for final film?”

  1. >Jeff Anderson. I know, I know… At best, he has a narrow range. At worst, he's just a terrible actor. But for some strange reason I've always enjoyed his stints in Smith's films.

  2. >Joey Lauren Adams.I can't imagine a Kevin Smith film without her.

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