Schwarzenegger officially returning to "acting"

’twas the Tweet heard ’round the world.

As revealed through his official Twitter account (via his iPhone no less!), former Governor of California and star of Junior Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to return to the world of acting.

Schwarzenegger’s two-terms as Governor came to an end on January 3rd. However, during his eight-year reign he made cameo appearances in the films Welcome to the Jungle, Cars, Around the World in 80 Days, The Kid and I and most recently The Expendables. His last leading role was as The Terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

So, now that his CAA reps are actively looking for movie roles, I’ll hand it over to you to suggest some suitable projects.

Discuss: Well?

2 Responses to “Schwarzenegger officially returning to "acting"”


  2. >A really want to see a 3rd Conan movie that harkens back to the gratuitous blood, gore and savagery of "Conan the Barbarian".Having him as the aging King of Aquilonia would be a treat.I'm still bitterly disappointed that he chose his Mr. Freeze role over the awesome Idea of "Conan the Conquerer".We all got Kevin Sorbo instead in "Kull the Conquerer" (ugh!!!)However, if it turns out to be anything like "Conan the Destroyer" (which was even worse than Kull) I am going to disown Arnie for life as the greatest action star ever….I mean it; I'm serious.

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