Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3?

Late last year it was revealed that Jon Favreau would be parting ways with Marvel, and would not helm the third instalment of the Iron Man franchise. Now, it seems star Robert Downey Jr. might reteam with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang helmer, as Shane Black meets Marvel execs about taking over as writer/director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Black is in consideration to helm Iron Man 3, but is merely one of the names in contention.

Still, the Lethal Weapon-screenwriter proved on the underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that he can adequately fuse comedy with action – and RDJ is certainly a suitable voicebox for Black’s words. (P.S. If you haven’t yet seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang … like, what are you doing with your life?)

Discuss: Excited by the prospect of a Black/Downey Jr. reunion? Who would you like to see take over as director?

One Response to “Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3?”

  1. >Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is criminally under rated and the idea of RDJ teaming up with Shane Black again to do Iron Man sounds great. I hope it happens.

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