Trailer Debut: Arthur

The trailer for Arthur, starring Russell Brand as a billionaire playboy, has debuted online. The film is a remake of the much-loved 1981 picture starring Dudley Moore in the title role.

There are people who love Russell Brand, and enjoy everything he does. There are those who hate him, and can’t stand anything he does. Never the twain shall meet. If you, like me, adore Rusty’s cheeky comedic stylings and peculiar cadence, you will find this trailer rather funny. If you don’t, well … did you see the new trailer for X-Men First Class? Cool, right?!

Take a look at Brand in action, alongside his nanny (Helen Mirren), servant (Luis Guzman) and admirer (Jennifer Garner).

Perhaps the great crime of this trailer is that it barely features soon-to-be-ultrastar Greta Gerwig (taking on the Liza Minnelli role from the original) as Arthur’s love interest; the woman he considers abandoning his fortune for. Can we have more of her in trailer #2 please?

Arthur, directed by Jason Winer (Modern Family) arrives in Australian cinemas April 21, 2011.

Discuss: Hate him or love him?

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