Bruce Willis recruits director for Die Hard 5

We never thought it would actually happen (and it still might not), but a director has been selected to helm the fifth instalment of the Die Hard franchise.

According to Deadline, star Bruce Willis and studio 20th Century Fox have offered Noam Murro the opportunity to direct John McClane’s latest adventure.

It was reported last week that Willis was meeting with directors to carry the latest instalment.

Murro previously directed the very-non-Die-Hard-esque Smart People back in 2008. But don’t let that dubious credit scare you away. He is a five-time DGA-nominated commercials director, who has two prestigious Golden Lions awards from Cannes sitting on his shelf.

Die Hard 5 (or, whatever pun-heavy title they will christen it with in the near future) has been scripted by Skip Woods.

As someone who considers Die Hard their favourite movie of all time, I can’t help but be a little excited to see another sequel. However, Die Hard 4.0 – although still a very fun action film – really lost sight of the John McClane character, turning him into a jet-riding superhero. Hopefully this fifth film will return him to his modest origins. But that seems unlikely.

Discuss: Do you want to see another Die Hard sequel, or should they have taken away McClane’s gun and badge a long time ago?

2 Responses to “Bruce Willis recruits director for Die Hard 5”

  1. >Yes, yes, yes! I loved Die Hard 4.0. Can't wait to see more of McClane.

  2. >I too thought I was a Die Hard "Die Hard" fan, but my "Die Hard" Hard-On Died, Hard with "Die Hard 4.blah". I literally cannot stay awake through that film. Won't stop me hoping 5 will be good. But don't listen to me, I mean IKNOW I'm gonna go see Transformers 3 even though both of the first two films "sucked" my heart out.

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