An unholy alliance of financially prosperous proportions

It’s hard to believe that in 2011, Hollywood are still allowing director/producer Michael Bay to get involved in the making of films. And yet, here we are. According to Deadline, Michael Bay has just joined forces with Taylor Lautner (yep, the werewolf dude from the Twilight movies) on a new unnamed project.

The scoop is that studios have started bidding, and both Bay and Lautner – who is taking a wee break from his Saga as third wheel to Edward and Bella, (really, who can blame him?) – are putting in some Hollywood face time right now to secure the deal.

Lautner, who one can only guess is determined to prove he’s not just a pretty face, is one of the youngest producers in tinsel town. Hot property due to a screaming worldwide fanbase of “Team Jacob” tweens, the nineteen-year-old has already produced and starred in two upcoming features: Fox 2000’s Incarceron, and New Regency’s Untitled Spy Project (both of which earnt him fat eight-digit pay packs).

The highest paid teenage actor, Lautner has also taken spot number nine on Vanity Fair’s list of highest paid adults too. And now, with Bay and his Platinum Dunes shingle on board as producers, whatever it is they’re working on is pretty much a sure thing in terms of box office success.

Secretive about the actual story (and I’d venture that this is probably because they don’t have one), the word on the street is that “it’s Mr & Mrs. Smith meets Wanted”.

Discuss: Question is, who the hell Wanted to meet Mr & Mrs Smith again?

One Response to “An unholy alliance of financially prosperous proportions”

  1. >I've just spat out my coffee. Eight-digit pay packet? What the hell? Share your sentiments!! Someone has far too much money to give out.

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