Monsters star joins Brad Pitt in Cogan’s Trade

Scoot McNairy will star alongside Brad Pitt in Cogan’s Trade, Deadline New York reports.

We reported in January that Pitt would headline the cast of Andrew Dominik’s adaptation of the George V. Higgins novel of the same name. Now McNairy will take his first major role since 2010’s hit low-budget film Monsters.

Monsters has proven to be a great launch pad not only for McNairy – who is also rumoured to be in contention for Ridley Scott’s (don’t-call-it-the-Alien-prequel) Prometheus and for a role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – but also director Gareth Edwards, who recently signed on to direct the Godzilla reboot.

Short and sweet, starring opposite Brad Pitt can only do good things for McNairy’s career. Expect to see more of him in the near future.

Discuss: Any fans of Monsters out there? What are your thoughts on McNairy breaking out into the big time?

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  1. >He's great in Monsters, and also In Search of a Midnight Kiss, a great indie flick worth seeking out.

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