Luhrmann to shoot The Great Gatsby (3-D) in Sydney

Remember a couple weeks ago when Baz Luhrmann hinted that he might not make The Great Gatsby after all? Psych! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is now official, and will begin shooting this August in Sydney.

Luhrmann’s take on the legendary F. Scott Fitzgerald tale will be filmed in 3-D; the first project of its kind to be shot in NSW.

Although the story famously takes place in New York, rumours of the 17-week shoot taking place in Sydney have circled the industry for the past few weeks.

The project – which stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan – will reportedly inject AUS$120 million into the NSW economy.

Head on over to The Hollywood Reporter to read more details.

Discuss: Glad to see a big project like this filmed in Australia?

3 Responses to “Luhrmann to shoot The Great Gatsby (3-D) in Sydney”

  1. >Thank goodness Blake Lively didn't get the role of Daisy.

  2. >Oh forgot to say…good to see it filmed in AUS. Forget the 3D though – most people don't want it and it doesn't add anything new to dramas.

  3. >I completely agree. Making the great gatsby in 3D will only give people headaches. It's not the type of movie that will work with 3D

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