Rutger Hauer cast in Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D

Dario Argento fans might still be a little sour after Adrien Brody ruined everyone’s chances of ever seeing the much-anticipated film Giallo late last year. But fans of the subgenre shouldn’t worry because Argento is back, and he’s bringing Rutger Hauer with him, TwitchFilm report.

Argento’s next project, which will see Hauer in the lead, is Dracula: 3D. That’s right, Rutger Hauer is vampire hunter Van Helsing – in the third dimension no less.

Apparently Hauer (Blade Runner) is the hottest thing around right now and has a bunch of indie flicks in the pipeline. But let’s be honest, of all the projects he could possibly be doing, Dracula: 3D has got to be the most exciting. (ED: Although Hobo With A Shotgun looks mighty appealing…)

Production is due to start in May and, so long as no one rips anyone else off financially (ahem – Giallo anyone?) then this looks like something to genuinely get excited about.

More news as it comes folks!

Discuss: Has Argento lost the plot completely or is he as wise as he is talented in stepping away from the giallo?

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