Arrested Development creator to remake Lars von Trier comedy

Well, you don’t read a headline like that every day. Mitchell Hurwitz, creator of the peerless and gone-far-too-soon TV show Arrested Development, is developing a remake of Lars von Trier’s Norwegian comedy Direktoren For Det Hele (or rather, The Boss of it All).

The news comes from The Wrap, who claim Imagine’s Brian Grazer and Ron Howard will executive produce while Hurwitz will direct.

Von Trier’s 2006 comedy tells the story of a small IT company who hire an actor to play their boss, to take the blame for employee lay-offs.

Emma Forrest is set to adapt the screenplay.

Does this mean the proposed Arrested Development movie, also set to be directed by Hurwitz and produced by Howard, is no longer a possibility? Or will they simply make us wait even longer?

Discuss: But more pressingly … Lars von Trier made a comedy?! Surely someone cuts off their own genitals in it, right?

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