Teaser Debut: The Hangover Part II

The ultra-brief teaser trailer for The Hangover Part II has debuted online. In a manner befitting of, oh say, The Godfather Part II, it focuses primarily on the critical acclaim of its predecessor. Which is weird, considering the first movie had an extended sequence in which a character got tased in the face.

By know you know where you stand with the film’s central Wolfpack – you either love them, hate them, or like me, abide them – and that will determine whether or not you will see their second adventure.

Of course, considering its US$467 million worldwide gross, I imagine most people fall into the former category.

Check out the teaser below, in which we get a brief glimpse of Phil, Stu and Alan doing their thing in Thailand. Doug is, once again, notably absent.

The Hangover Part II arrives in Australian cinemas May 26th, 2011.

Discuss: Where do you stand with The Wolfpack? Also, is this how we’re officially referring to the trio from now on? The Wolfpack?

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