Warner Bros to remake The Bodyguard

The remake-frenzy at Warner Bros can’t stop; won’t stop. According to Deadline, the studio is gearing up to remake the 1992 blockbuster hit The Bodyguard.

Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer – whose screenplay Family Getaway landed on the 2010 Black List; a roll of the best unproduced scripts in Hollywood – will pen the remake. No director is yet attached.

The original film told the story of a Secret Service agent (Kevin Costner) tasked with protecting a singer (Whitney Houston). They, of course, fell in love – to the tune of USD$411 million in grosses. The film also produced the hit single I Will Always Love You.

In the remake, the agent will be an Iraq war veteran, who finds it difficult to protect his star in the age of Twitter, Google Maps and TMZ.

WB hope to find a “young female singer with global appeal”, so Rihanna, start warming those vocal chords!

Discuss: So, WB are remaking The Bodyguard, A Star is Born, Lethal Weapon, Westworld, The Wild Bunch and The Dirty Dozen. How do you feel about these reboots?

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