Josh Brolin to take on The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Josh Brolin has gone from man-dancing at the Oscars to developing a Hunchback of Notre Dame film with Warner Brothers Pictures, Latino Review reports.

Brolin will act and produce the film under his banner Brolin Productions but has his sights on the revered King of Macabre Tim Burton to take the director’s chair. Burton’s last project, Alice in Wonderland, did not impress critics but fared well with audiences and even scooped two Oscars for Best Achievement in Art Direction and Best Achievement in Visual Effects. His visionary talents could see a fresh spin given on this classic, and much adapted, story.

Based on the novel Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, published in 1831, the story tells of the deformed bell-ringer of Notre Dame called Quasimodo who longs for acceptance by society and falls for the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. It’s a tragic tale that doesn’t end well for anyone; Esmeralda is hanged and Quasimodo retreats to her tomb, arms wrapped around her until he dies of starvation. Certainly not the technicolour version Disney fed kids back in 1996, although in that version children were treated to Esmeralda performing a pole dance to a crowd of cheering men.

There’s no word on how the story will be approached – whether it will be a traditional or modern adaptation – but if Burton signs on to direct you can expect to see a very adult, very dark interpretation of this classic tale.

Discuss: Is Brolin a good fit to play the Hunchback? Any other directors you’d like to see considered for the job?

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