Melissa Leo to play Jesse Eisenberg’s mum

One thing you can be pretty sure of following an Academy Award nomination – and certainly something you can rely on after a win – is the guarantee of more work. According to Vulture, Melissa Leo (who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Fighter) will play mother to Jesse Eisenberg (nominated for The Social Network) in the upcoming dark indie comedy Predisposed.

Leo will play a drug-addicted mum to Eisenberg’s college hopeful. The film is set on a day of great significance for the two as Leo heads to rehab and Eisenberg interviews for Julliard. Without insurance, Leo’s character has to turn up to rehab intoxicated amidst a feud between her drug dealer Sprinkles (rumoured to be played by 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan), and a yet uncast rival pusher of recreational pharmaceuticals.

Previously a short film co-written by Philip Dorling and Ron Nyswaner, and directed by Dorling, Predisposed screened at Sundance in 2009. The feature however is to be directed by Nyswaner and shooting is set to start this summer, while 30 Rock is on hiatus.

Certainly a stellar cast, Leo will no doubt bring gritty realism to her role, allowing Eisenberg to take the comedy lead in what sounds like the next indie hit.

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One Response to “Melissa Leo to play Jesse Eisenberg’s mum”

  1. >I'm just hoping she sticks with Treme after this.

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