David O. Russell is Nailed to a project he’d rather forget

After seeing production on his film Nailed shut down nine times due to finance and post-production issues, David O’Russell had all but given up hope for the project. But, according to Deadline, the film had a recruited screening this week. Good news? Could have been, only it was incredibly underhand and no one informed the filmmakers or the cast.

Financial troubles on this film have troubled producer David Bergstein for years. Now it seems he and his fellow financiers are trying to capitalise on O’Russell’s recent resurgence.

Russell – who has distanced himself from the film – was still used as a draw card for its screening at the Arclight Pasadena last week, the invite for which billed the untitled thus: “From David O’Russell, the Oscar-nominated director of The Fighter, Three Kings and Flirting with Disaster”.

A comedy about health care, Nailed stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan, James Marsden and Paul Reubens. Biel plays a small town waitress who has a nail lodged in her head, causing irrational and erratic behaviour. Unable to afford its removal, she begins campaigning for some much-needed health care reform in the US and simultaneously hooks up with a congressman (played by Gyllenhaal).

O’Russell described Nailed as a career “low point” in an interview with our own Simon Miraudo earlier this year and had already expressed a great deal of trepidation at being potentially re-involved with the project,

“That was a very unpredictable and hard-to-define situation that it wouldn’t be wise for me to enter back into.”

According to Deadline’s report the screening looked a lot like “an assemblage of rough footage” and understandably, O’Russell wants to have his credit removed from the film as it begins its search for a distributor.

Discuss: When a film fails to live through its nine allocated cats’ lives isn’t it best for everyone involved if you accept fate and call it a day?

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