Kath and Kim feature film in the works

What a way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Screen Australia today announced 15 new projects they have invested in, the most notable being a feature film adaptation of the beloved Aussie TV show Kath and Kim.

The Kath and Kim Filum (sic) will reunite Jane Turner and Gina Riley as the Fountain Lakes-frequenting mother and daughter. The duo (also writing the script) will “head overseas on a whirlwind tour of love, lust and revolution”. Ted Emery will direct.

Other features include Franco Di Chiera’s comedy Big Mamma’s Boy, Peter Templeman’s romcom The 20-Something Survival Guide, and Jeremy Hogarth’s IMAX documentary The Last Great Apes.

Screen Australia will also fund ZAC Toon’s animated TV show God Squad, as well as 10 documentaries. Their $9 million investment will kick off production worth almost $29 million.

Check out full details on all these projects at Screen Australia.

Discuss: But back to the big news. Do you think Kath and Kim will translate well to the big screen? We’ve already seen them try their hand at a telemovie (and let’s not discuss the U.S. adaptation); do you think they can pull it off?

7 Responses to “Kath and Kim feature film in the works”

  1. >Sounds like a junket to me!

  2. >Dearly love the tv series. Didn't they learn from the horrible telemovie? Time to sit on the verandah sipping kardonnay and watching the sunset, ladies. Time has indeed moved on.

  3. >I can't wait!!!! LOVE Kath and Kim and their entourage. I don't care how bad the filum (!) is, it'll be good to see them again. Wish they'd do another series too.

  4. >on.ya girls keep it coming I love to sit back and have a good giggle.

  5. >Bring it on I reckon. Loved all the series. We have different humour than the yanks though, so it should have never gone there…

  6. >Its about time they came back I have been waiting for yrs, to see them again go girls and get it on. Tata Jeanne 41@hotmail.com.

  7. >Go girls and get it back on. been waiting ages for yu to come back Please Please get it back soon. Thanks Jeanne Taylor.

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