Channing Tatum to star as Peter Pan

Sony has won the bidding war for the not so cleverly titled Peter Pan origin story Pan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The latest in a string of re-imagined fairy tales including Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, Pan will star Channing Tatum (who in my opinion grows less appealing with each passing day). Already signed to write the script is Billy Ray, who will also pen the screenplay for the upcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games. Joe Roth will produce and with Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman and Oz: The Great and Powerful on his resume, he will cement himself as the fairy-producer-mother.

It seems Tatum isn’t just an, er, pretty face – he came up with the idea for Pan along with producing partner Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg; and by “came up with” we envision the trio sitting around watching the 1991 film Hook, a few beers in hand, and when one commented on how old Robin Williams looked another said, ‘Hey what if Peter Pan was YOUNG-ER?’ Okay, so maybe not.

Pan will see Peter and Captain Hook as brothers … okay, this has to be a joke now … it isn’t?

Discuss: Hmm … does Channing Tatum look too old to anyone else to be playing the boy who never grows up?

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  1. >That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

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