New X-Men First Class posters are crotchtastic!

Ah, Photoshop. The tool that gives amateur designers enough confidence to superimpose the head of Michael Fassbender over a silhouette of his own crotch, and convince a movie studio that it is worth releasing as a poster. Here are the new teaser posters for X-Men First Class. There’s really nothing else to say.

X-Men First Class arrives in cinemas June 2, 2011.

Discuss: So … how long do you think these took to make?

5 Responses to “New X-Men First Class posters are crotchtastic!”

  1. >I feel like I shouldn't even dignify these with a response – though here's hoping they're a joke of some kind?

  2. >@ Alice – steady on, you've probably really upset the 7 year old that did these.

  3. I predict that in the movie we will see the good Professor with a nasty white shard of something sticking out of his head near his right eye, just like in that poster. This is where his mutant powers actually came from. What a crock.

    The blog used to look just as generic as all the other Blogger blogs out there. Now you look just as generic as all the other WordPress sites out there. Not that I care – we’re just here for the lolz.

  4. BUG REPORT: Fix your servers guys, it’s currently 3.30am AEST of 7 April, not 5.30pm of 6 April!!!

  5. The stoopidity and simplicity of these mystifies me. It says absolutely nothing about the upcoming movie and doesn’t generate an ounce of interest. Bizarre-o.

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