Bill Hader to star as "Bourne" bad guy and JFK impersonator

We just can’t get enough of funnyman Bill Hader so today we’re bringing you a double dose of Hader news.

When The Playlist sat down recently with Hader to discuss his role as a psychopath villain in Greg Mottola’s latest film Paul, they also got him talking about his upcoming projects.

Working with director Akiva Schaffer, Hader reveals his is looking to star in the comedy Henchmen, originally written by Russell Sharman, Owen Egerton and Chris Mass, and to be reworked by Hader and Schaffer. The film will be produced under Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps banner and Hader reveals,

“The film is about two guys who don’t realise it, but they’re two henchman for like the bad guy in a ‘Bourne’ movie and then they slowly figure who that they’re working for the wrong guys, but like doing it in the actual style of a ‘Bourne’ movie.”

Playing on the often mocked handheld camera style of such action films as The Bourne Ultimatum and Green Zone – what could be described as the “Paul Greengrass effect” – Hader says the comparisons to modern TV comedies such as The Office was obvious and the move to make an action-comedy progressed.

Hader’s second major project on the upcoming calendar will be for Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films: Vaughn Meader. Touted as a dark comedy the film will be based on the life of Vaughn Meader, an American comedian and impersonator whose heyday occurred in the 60s impersonating JFK and the First Family. After JFK’s assassination Meader’s act and indeed Meader himself faded into obscurity. Hader will play Meader in a screenplay penned by Alexander Woo, current co-Executive producer on the hit HBO show True Blood.

Perhaps the most exciting news concerning this project is who will direct it. Rob Siegel, who wrote the script for Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler and directed the film Big Fan will take the director’s chair, and is guaranteed to bring a dark, edgy spin to this true life tale of a fall from fame.

Hader briefly talked about his character saying,

“It’s a real interesting piece and in a weird way it feeds into now, just like people becoming super famous overnight, reality stars and stuff. This guy became crazy famous, the president was talking about this guy and then it all went away. It’s really interesting.”

Before all this though, we can see Hader when his next film Paul hits our shores on April 14.

Discuss: Which of these projects would you like to see first?

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