Baz Luhrmann will make The Great Gatsby … later … maybe

Baz Lurhmann has revealed in an interview with Vulture that he will be making The Great Gatsby … just not right now.

It seems each week there is a new tidbit of news surrounding this film, from the casting of Carey Mulligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire, to filming in Australia (despite the story being set in Long Island, New York) to the most absurd of the lot, that Lurhmann was planning to film Gatsby in 3D.

When asked why he was shooting Gatsby in Australia, despite being based with a majority of his team in Brooklyn, New York, Lurhmann replied:

“I’m not doing Gatsby right now for this reason. Because despite what might be out there, I have made no comment about anything. So until I say it, it’s not said, you know.”

Uh, okay Baz care to explain that a little further?

“What it means is, much like what goes on in any event, when you’re in the middle of the work, there’s all sorts of things you’re doing, and, you know, when I’m really clear — I, right now, my only focus is absorbing — I’ve been studying Fitzgerald now for three years, and my only act now is to absorb the DNA of his world, his life, the world of the novel. That’s why I have published on our website all the books we’re reading. And I think before we all engage anyone, the first thing to do is to do your homework, read the books, and then let’s talk.”

So what about this crazy rumour Gatsby is to be filmed in 3D? Lurhmann explains:

“I’m in the middle of my own foolish-to-be-talking-about-anything-in-any-regard stage, before you truly have something to express. I’m in the middle of my own moment and my team’s, and I’m just building culture. Building creative culture.”

As for the casting in this film that will be made but not right now, which may or may not be in 3D and may or may not be filmed in Australia, Baz neither confirms nor denies Mulligan, DiCaprio and McGuire have been chosen. Seems our Baz is now choosing to remain tight lipped after a flurry of perhaps untrue production news.

Now, I may or may not be going to make a sandwich to eat, I can confirm it will be in 3D but I will neither confirm nor deny that Leonardo DiCaprio will also be present at lunch.

Discuss: Which of these nuggets of unconfirmed information would you like to think are true (or not)?

2 Responses to “Baz Luhrmann will make The Great Gatsby … later … maybe”

  1. >Let me translate all of those quotes for you:"Nothing about the project is firm yet. We're still in research mode. Stop listening to rumours and leave me alone to get on with it." The confusion comes from him trying not to alienate any publicity he is getting.

  2. >Please not Leonardo Di Caprio. Baz can surely make a more exciting :interesting choice. What about James McAvoy for example.

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