Red Dawn remake will digitally alter Chinese army into North Korean

Well this is interesting. MGM’s long-shelved remake of Red Dawn is set to have its villains digitally altered from Chinese to North Korean, the L.A. Times reports.

The original 1984 Red Dawn was released during the Cold War, and depicted a Soviet invasion of America fended off by plucky teenagers – Go Wolverines!

MGM decided to reboot the flick, but with the collapse of the U.S.S.R. in 1991, a new villain needed to be implemented. The Chinese army (still rockin’ Communism) was selected, stunt coordinator Dan Bradley jumped in the director’s chair and filming began in 2009.

Then everything at MGM went to hell and they couldn’t even put a Bond film together, let alone distribute their lesser priority Red Dawn.

Now things are looking up at MGM, but potential distributors are nervous about associating themselves with a film that portrays China in a negative light (especially considering they’re essentially the world’s number one superpower).

According to this in-depth article at the L.A. Times,

“The filmmakers now are digitally erasing Chinese flags and military symbols from “Red Dawn,” substituting dialogue and altering the film to depict much of the invading force as being from North Korea, an isolated country where American media companies have no dollars at stake.”

The big question is, what exactly will happen to the faces of the Chinese soldiers? Digital alterations sound unlikely, so the audience will have to simply assume the enemies are from North Korea. As Slashfilm points out, it’s likely that a mix of Chinese / Korean actors were already cast as the aggressors.

Discuss: So, over to you. Is this a worrying move? Is it better than the “non-descript-Asian-aggressor” army from Tomorrow When The War Began, or worse? Does it even matter?

2 Responses to “Red Dawn remake will digitally alter Chinese army into North Korean”

  1. >The thing about Red Dawn was that it played on a very real fear – that the Soviet Union would go to war with and invade the United States. The cold war was real, and the danger was ever present.Of course it was unrealistic – any war between the US and the USSR finishes 15 minutes after it begins and we all lose.Yet it is even more unlikely that the Chinese, and even more unlikely again that the North Koreans, could invade the United States. The North Koreans could certainly go to war with the US, but that war would happen in Korea, and the wolverines would thus all be South Koreans. I would watch that movie, but its usually a bad idea to make movies about wars that could happen at the drop of a hat.My point, I guess, is why change it? If the Chinese are going to be offended, wouldn't they already have been offended by the movie being made? Then again, if they had of made a movie where they humanised their enemy, and didn't keep everything black and white, perhaps they wouldn't need to change it…It also seems silly to me to have the US as the underdog against North Korea. I know the North Korean government starves their people to keep their military strong, but the US military and the various National Guards could handle any invasion from any nation – they just wouldn't be able to project force around the globe while they defend, or even after they've defended.I suppose I've gone off track. My main point is that Kim Jong Il is an avid movie goer – so I just hope they don't give him any ideas.

  2. >I would believe China over N.K invading the US any day. N.K is a country that has to take charity to keep it's people fed, it's economy is in such a shambles they've had to taint their beloved communism with capitalism in order to keep going. And have you seen footage of Pyongyang? I mean everything looks good on the outside but once you go in the, the buildings are falling apart, infrastructure is not maintained and they have continuous rolling blackouts. Even China no longer politically supports N.K. Sorry but I find it hard to believe that N.K is going to be invading anyone let alone cross the Pacific to America. To be honest I find the premise of China invading dubious. They are so strong economically I find it hard to believe they would risk compromising their economy with military action. Besides China's been focusing all their efforts on Africa not America.I personally find the concept of Red Dawn outdated. It belongs to a political era that no longer exists, plays on fears that apart from fanatics no longer exists either. I find Aliens invading the US more realistic than any one nation. Tomorrow when the War Began's "non descript Asian aggressor" at least didn't make me think of the impossibility of "blah blah" country invading Australia. So I think it is a better idea. You focus more on the kids less on the politics.

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