Poster Debut: The Tree of Life

Geez, make up your mind Terrence Malick. First you don’t want us to know anything about The Tree of Life, and then you release a poster featuring seventy images from the film. Next thing we know, you’ll actually get around to releasing the movie. You’ve changed, man.

Fox Searchlight unveiled the first poster for Malick’s highly anticipated, Cannes-bound new picture The Tree of Life on IMDB.

The film is ostensibly about a young boy growing up in the sixties with his imposing father (Brad Pitt) and mother (Jessica Chastain); later in life the boy is played by Sean Penn. However, the film is also supposedly about everything in the universe.

The eagle eyes at Vulture spotted the film’s previously rumoured dinosaur cameo (ten rows down, middle picture). So yes, our excitement remains high.

The Tree of Life arrives in Australian cinemas July 7, 2011.

Discuss: Sorry, should we have put a spoiler alert before that poster?

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