The Jess Lomas Book Club: Sex on the Moon

The Jess Lomas Book Club: Sex on the Moon

*A weekly feature in which literary connoisseur Jess Lomas examines the upcoming book-to-film adaptations worth keeping an eye on!*

“The amazing story of the most audacious heist in history”. No, it’s not Ocean’s 35; it’s the new novel by The Accidental Billionaires author Ben Mezrich. The Accidental Billionaires of course went on to be adapted by Aaron Sorkin for the big screen as The Social Network; David Fincher’s hit film of 2010. But even as The Social Network climbed the box office rankings and garnered Oscar nominations, Mezrich was more excited about his next project, Sex on the Moon.

Sex on the Moon, due out in July, tells the stranger-than-fiction story of Thad Roberts who, along with his girlfriend and another NASA intern hitched a plan to break into the NASA laboratory that housed the “most precious objects on Earth”: moon rocks. It seems Thad wanted to give his girlfriend the moon, literally. And what did Thad do with the moon rocks once he had them in his possession, given they are so valuable they’re illegal to own? He tried to sell them on eBay of course.

It’s no wonder Mezrich is so excited about his next book, especially now that Easy A director Will Gluck is in talks to direct the feature film adaptation. Gluck will likely direct the thriller for Sony Pictures with The Social Network producing team, Scott Rudin, Mike DeLuca and Dana Brunetti, reuniting.

Gluck is no stranger to literary adaptations, although his last foray, Easy A, was not so much a literal translation of a text as it was a modern reinterpretation of The Scarlett Letter. Gluck’s next film, Friends with Benefits, stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the better looking version of the Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher romantic comedy No Strings Attached.

If the premise alone wasn’t enough to entice you, Mezrich’s previous work should be prompting you to add this to your future reads list. My only problem with the film version is I can’t stop picturing Jesse Eisenberg as Thad Roberts. How many Ben Mezrich adaptations can Eisenberg get away with I wonder?

While you’re waiting for the book’s release why not hit up Google and start reading the amazing true story of how a 25-year-old NASA intern stole moon rocks.

Discuss: Do you think Sex on the Moon could be a Social Network-sized success?

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