Jennifer Garner is your new Miss Marple

Jennifer Garner is set to star in and produce a Miss Marple reboot for Disney, Deadline reports.

There are several things wrong with the sentence ‘Miss Marple reboot’ for a start. Following in the footsteps of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes reboot, Garner and her Vandalia Films partner Juliana Janes are looking to transform the elderly spinster Miss Marple into a much younger, 30-40 year old crime solving sleuth. This transformation will no doubt be completed with a hip soundtrack of the latest Top 40 tracks and will include a dashing love interest for Marple who may or may not be the perpetrator.

Okay, so we can’t confirm those last two points, but the idea of rebooting Miss Marple for a younger generation seems a tad strange to us.

The original Miss Marple was written by famed crime authoress Agatha Christie, who designed her as the ultimate soft-boiled crime fighter; a grandmotherly type who enjoyed a nice cup of tea. With Garner in the lead role can we expect more sassiness from the busybody detective? Something like a grown up Nancy Drew?

Writer Mark Frost will pen the screenplay and we’re hoping he’ll lean more towards his great work on Twin Peaks and less towards Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Discuss: So, umm, what are your thoughts on this?

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  1. There were posts against this article already. Where have they gone? Quickflix why do you do this…do you delete comments that don’t “fit” what direction you think the article will take?

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