Hemsworth and Hutcherson heading to Hunger Games?

Aussie Liam Hemsworth and ultra-eager Josh Hutcherson are rumoured to be frontrunners in The Hunger Games‘ male casting, according to Deadline.

While it’s far from official, Hemsworth is said to be in contention for the role of Gale Hawthorne, Katniss’ childhood friend; Hutcherson meanwhile is leading the pack of young hopefuls vying for the role of Peeta Mellark, the baker’s son who joins Katniss in the Hunger Games.

Now that we have our Katniss – Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence – how do these two strapping young actors measure up? Hemsworth seems a good choice for Gale, who is a strong hunter and provider for his family, i.e. buffed. Hutcherson on the other hand doesn’t have as many fans. I’ve written before about my concerns for Hutcherson as Peeta and now that Lawrence has been cast I’m still not convinced he’s right for the role. Of course, I’m happy to be proven wrong and no doubt when Lawrence appears in full Katniss costume (surely they won’t leave her blond), the pair could actually look good together.

There is one thing to be thankful for with these casting rumours – there’s not a mention of Alex Pettyfer in sight!

Discuss: What are your thoughts on these potential male leads?

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