Introducing … the “rebooted” Quickflix Blog!

After months of design brainstorming, idea showers and blue sky sessions, not to mention the weeks of non-stop coding binges by our hundred-strong army of html-proficient chimps, we are proud to finally unveil our new-look Quickflix Blog!

So, this is what it feels like to give birth.

O.K., I have no idea what it must feel like to give birth, nor will I ever have to, thanks to this pesky Y-chromosome that I can’t seem to shake. I have instead channeled my evolution-stunting-emptiness-of-the-soul into the conception, gestation and subsequent delivery of a new Quickflix Blog! And it’s been a long time coming.

Since April of 2007, we have used the Blogger platform to post articles of varying degrees of insight and newsworthiness (there is a canyon of quality and significance between pieces such as “High infidelity: Have we cast Australian films into the arms of another?” and “Justin Bieber biopic gets a release date”, we’ll admit).

Blogger served us well, but as our readership grew, and we introduced a number of new (far more talented) writers, it became necessary to move on. To evolve. To grow. To un….worse…ify. We had certain needs that Blogger couldn’t fulfill, so we packed our bags, left a note on the dining room table, and fled to the warm embrace of WordPress.

And doesn’t it look a treat! We’ve now got a fancy navigation bar at the top of the page directing you specifically to News, Reviews and Interviews. Each post has larger pictures, nicer fonts … and did we mention the kerning? (*Raises fingers to mouth and makes kissing motion, a’la, a vaguely offensive stereotype of an Italian chef.*)

The most exciting advancement however is that it is now far easier for you to leave comments and share articles. Frankly, that’s what matters most to us. We care deeply about your thoughts on any and every subject (be it Aussie cinema or Justin Bieber concert films); it’s why we do what we do. We’re all in love with cinema, so we sometimes wax lyrical on films that mesmerise us, and rant wildly about movies that annoy us. Either way, it’s a pleasure having the conversation with you, and we hope that it continues in an even greater fashion on our new blog.

Besides, if everything else in Hollywood is getting a reboot, we might as well too!

Big ups to the tireless Quickflix designer Damon Carter. He’s on Twitter – go congratulate him; he could use the encouragement. I’m also grateful for the regular support from the rest of the Quickflix crew, who have continually endorsed the blog, even during that brief period where all coverage was seemingly devoted to The Human Centipede. Salad days.

Discuss: We’d love to hear your feedback! We’re still polishing and adding some final touches here and there, so get your comments in now! And thanks again for your ongoing patronage!

9 Responses to “Introducing … the “rebooted” Quickflix Blog!”

  1. yay, new blog! and, so much better/easier to look at than the one i checked out on 1/4/10.

  2. I love the new “look” blog! Easy navigation and looks real neat and tidy. Keep up the good work!

  3. To be honest… a bit too templatey. And the site’s “favicon” is still the WordPress icon/logo.

  4. Looks good! Although I kind of miss the red

  5. the site is taking much longer to load … and the pictures in the stories aren’t coming up for me either …

    • Good catch closedmouth (if that IS your real name). It’s one of those inevitable problems unfortunately – I’m spending A LOT of time going back through old articles, fixing broken links and images etc., so bear with us (and continue to point out any that need correcting)! But thanks for the feedback everyone!

  6. Don’t like it old way of movie news in column at the right much better. Change back./

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