Disney delays Monsters University for Reboot Ralph

Disney has pushed Monsters University back to 2013 to make way for Reboot Ralph, according to Variety.

Last week, we shared the title for the Monsters, Inc. prequel, which was set for a November 2012 release date. It seems the Mouse House has other plans now, pushing the Pixar flick back to the following year and releasing Reboot Ralph in its place.

According to the studio, both films are in 3D, but Reboot is on schedule while Monsters could use more time.
Reboot Ralph has been hanging around Disney for a while and was originally titled Joe Jump. It follows the story of a video game character who is left behind as technology improves. For such a big piece of release date news very little is actually known about Reboot Ralph; who will direct, who will voice the characters, what will actually happen apart from poor Ralph being left behind in retro video game limbo…

Still, as many have commented, it’s nice to see an original premise get pushed in front of a sequel, no matter how much we loved Monsters, Inc.

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