Michael Shannon will play Superman villain Zod in ‘Man of Steel’

Warner Bros has officially announced Michael Shannon as the villain in Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman reboot, now titled Man of Steel.

As was originally rumoured, Oscar-nominee Shannon will play Krypton-native General Zod opposite Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman, and Amy Adams’ Lois Lane.

Here’s hoping this Zod is as mentally deranged, and as much of a sexual deviant, as the other characters in Shannon’s body of work!

In honour of his casting, here is a scene from Revolutionary Road, the film for which Shannon scored an Academy Award nom. He’s also the only good thing about the movie. (Warning: some swearing, and a truly annoying performance from everyone that isn’t Shannon.)

Discuss: Happy to see Shannon join the cast, or did you have your heart set on Viggo Mortensen as Zod?

One Response to “Michael Shannon will play Superman villain Zod in ‘Man of Steel’”

  1. Not fussed either way..however Terence Stamp’s Zod in the now-classic Superman 2 means he has huge shoes to fill. Oh this movie had better be very very good.

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