Trailer Debut: Melancholia

Now that Roland Emmerich is busy making period dramas (admittedly, expensive looking ones), a void has been left in the cinematic landscape. Who can we rely on to annually film the destruction of our planet? With the trailer for his new film Melancholia, Danish provocateur Lars von Trier modestly asks we consider him for the role.

Saying that, Lars von Trier has never “modestly” done anything, but his latest psychological drama/apocalypse movie won’t immediately bring to mind the likes of 2012.

Instead, we get a wedding between Alexander Skarsgaard and an anxious Kirsten Dunst that may or may not be ruined by the end-of-the-world, or at the very least, an awkward Father of the Bride speech from Keifer Sutherland.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below! (Oh, and this is NSFW, but you already assumed that, right?)

Melancholia also stars the always-game Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling. Although the film does not yet have an Australian release date, we’re sure it will get one after it makes its splash at Cannes.

Discuss: We called Melancholia ‘the 12th most exciting film of 2011’. Does this trailer warrant such anticipation?

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