The Les Grossman movie is still happening

Some thought it had all been a beautiful dream. Others felt they were trapped in a waking nightmare. Such was the polarising effect of the news that Les Grossman – the hirsute, foul-mouthed studio exec played by Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder would be getting his own spin-off.

MTV interviewed Bill Hader – who played Grossman’s offsider – at The Comedy Awards, where he revealed that his buddy Michael Bacall (co-writer of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) had completed and turned in a “really funny” screenplay.

Hader was light on details, but it’s nonetheless interesting to consider how far the film has gotten. The flick was announced before Cruise became involved in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Rock of Ages, so whether the project progresses any further all depends on Cruise’s schedule (and willingness to reprise the role).

If he wants it, it’s safe to say he’ll get it.

Discuss: But do you want it?

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