Will Duncan Jones direct The Wolverine?

Probably not. But still, it’s a fun possibility to ponder. Aint It Cool News got a tip from an attendee at a Q&A screening of Duncan Jones‘ latest film Source Code, where the director revealed he will soon take a meeting with Fox to discuss potentially taking over the reins of The Wolverine, now that Darren Aronofsky has vacated the director’s chair.

Jones went on to say that he would be taking the meeting only as a courtesy, and would prefer to direct an original sci-fi project next.

But you never know. The allure of a big-budget, sure-fire hit can be tempting for an up-and-coming director. Jones could get a lot more out of the project than Aronofsky ever could (besides, he’s coming off the back of his first Oscar nomination and box office hit, Black Swan). Jones is also enough of an interesting, creative filmmaker to make the project seem more appealing than the average superhero flick (especially after the first drab attempt at a Wolverine movie).

Then again, will the indie director be willing to surrender himself to the studio system, where he will be expected to bow to any and every note given by the execs, no matter how inane?

More news as it develops!

Discuss: Would you like to see Jones team up with Hugh Jackman?

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