24 movie on track for 2012

Although 24 may no longer be on television screens, the horrible, tortured, impossibly pee-free existence of beleaguered anti-terrorist super-agent Jack Bauer is not over yet.

Producer Brian Grazer revealed (via Twitter, of course) that the long-gestating 24 movie is still going ahead, and will hit cinemas next year.

Here is the incriminating tweet:

“Got off the phone with Keifer [Sutherland] yesterday, and we are very excited about producing the ’24’ movie for next year.”

Fans should no doubt temper their excitement; there have been a lot of false starts regarding this project. From Grazer’s fingertips to God’s ears…

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2 Responses to “24 movie on track for 2012”

  1. I was a fan of the show, at least for the first few seasons they just kept repeating the basically same story, because it brought a new inventive way to tell a story. The format was 24 episodes, each representing an hour in one day. By making a movie it kind of goes against that idea and makes it something different.

  2. I just have three words …….. BRING IT ON!

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