Trailer Debut: Passion Play

The first trailer for the new thriller Passion Play has been released exclusively by Entertainment Tonight.

The film stars Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray in a bizarrely cast love triangle that I have to question whether we really need to see.

Fox plays Lily, an angel and carnival side show freak who is rescued from this hellish living by jazz trumpeter Nate, played by Rourke. These two broken souls find solace in each other until gangster Happy Shannon (Murray) shows up to claim Lily for himself.

Check out the trailer here.

The prospect of Rourke and Murray sharing the screen is enough to make this film tempting; that Megan Fox also has a main part is a little disheartening, her scenes in the trailer doing little to ease the rising bile. Okay, so she doesn’t look that bad. As long as her role only requires her to be beautiful but slightly damaged she shouldn’t derail this picture too much.

This is the directorial debut of writer Mitch Glazer (Scrooged, Great Expectations) and the trailer feels a little flat. The main pull for this film is Rourke and Murray, and a general curiosity rather than an imposed interest from the less than thrilling trailer.

Discuss: Really? Rourke, Fox and Murray in a love triangle?

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