Who will save teen zombie flick Maggie?

A zombie girl screenplay is back on the market after a deal with Timur Bekmambetov fell through, Deadline reports.

Titled ‘Maggie’, this isn’t your average zombie screenplay. It chronicles the despairing six week transformation of a sixteen year old girl into a zombie, and how it affects her relationship with her father.

The deal was initially done with Bekmambetov, who has since let the time for exclusive negotiation lapse, leaving the estimated USD$5 million project open to three potential interested parties.

With the success of the television show The Walking Dead, Maggie could be a big screen version of the gritty, no frills style of zombie entertainment that has won so many people over. The added relationship angle of a father losing his daughter not to college, a rebellious boy on a motorcycle, or even to that pasty kid who has the faintest shine of glitter to his skin when he goes out in the sun, but to a plague-like virus sounds intriguing and we’ll be keeping our eyes on this project for news of development.

Discuss: This is fun. Which teen actress would you like to see play ‘Maggie’?

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