Arnold Schwarzenegger set to star in Terminator 5

Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to star in a new sequel to The Terminator, with Fast and Furious Five helmer Justin Lin attached to direct.

According to Deadline, CAA is shopping the package (which includes the series’ rights and the involvement of Schwarzenegger and Lin) to studios today. Universal, Sony, Lionsgate and CBS Films are reportedly eyeing it eagerly.

The price tag is hefty: at least $25 million up front, not including Schwarzenegger or Lin’s salaries (and what we presume will be a big budget for the actual production). If the studios enter into a bidding frenzy – which, let’s face it, they love to do – expect the final sum to be a big one.

The history of the Terminator rights is a long and complex one. Most recently, Halcyon – who produced Terminator Salvation, but ran out of money before they could begin work on sequels – sold the rights to current rights’ holders Pacifor for $29.5 million.

A Terminator-resurgence was expected when Arnold announced back in February that he was ready to return to the world of acting.

Although no screenwriter is attached, you can imagine this project to move ahead quickly.

Discuss: But do you want to see a new Terminator film with Arnie? He’s no spring chicken…

15 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger set to star in Terminator 5”

  1. Arnie + Terminator?

    Hell yeah!

  2. Please no. Terminator Salvation was terrible!!!!

    Another Terminator movie only if James Cameron is involved. He’s the only guy who can do it RIGHT!

  3. Arnie returning as the Govenator/Terminator would be a great spoof! Why make it serious? Go Arnie! Terminator Salvation was horrible because no Arnie!

  4. yep. it’s arnie, or it’s not Terminator. haven’t seen Salvation. Probably won’t either.
    Studios- word to ya proverbial – ignore the last film (hell, if you like, ignore 3, which was also crap-ish)

  5. As Arnie said “I’ll be back!!”…

  6. Yep, Arnie said “I’ll be back”. Absoloutely awesome.

  7. I don’t care if Arnie is 90! I will watch him in a Terminator movie. He is the original & he rocks!!!

  8. Cool!!! Arnie’s back!!! Awesome!!!

  9. I couldn’t work out how in Terminator Salvation, John Connor had a heart transplant and survived without the aid of antibiotics and immuno-suppressants which transplant recipients must take for life.

    It was as silly as the notion of an old and flabby Arnold doing another Terminator film!

  10. Who says one has to be young or a spunk to head a movie?Arny is THE terminator and I can guantee if Arny is’nt a big part of the newy it won’t be very big.

  11. Arnie he is back oh yeah good stuff can’t wait to see that one about time. Daz

  12. It just isn’t the Terminator without Arny definitely bring him back.


  13. WooHoo !! Arnie as Terminator 10 out of 10. Even at his age he is in better shape than most half his age. BUT if you want a BLOCKBUSTER it has to have James Cameron at the helm or it could just be another Salvation Slapstick Wannabe. I would still watch it to Arnie in his leathers & cool shades once more.

  14. yes u have to have arnie in the terminator role as it was pre destined for him to be it in the first 3
    movies. Considering where salvation left off u kno that he gets sent to keep john safe

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