Trailer Debut: Our Idiot Brother

The first official trailer for Sundance favourite Our Idiot Brother has debuted online.

The dramedy (previously known as My Idiot Brother) has an all star cast with  Paul RuddElizabeth BanksZooey Deschanel, and Emily MortimerSteve Coogan, Hugh Dancy and Rashida Jones amongst others.

Directed by Jesse Peretz and written by David Schisgall and Evgenia Peretz, the film follows eternal optimist Ned (Rudd), a fairly dim witted man who intrudes on the lives of his sisters after being released from prison. His latest escapade is selling drugs to a police officer, and now he’s determined to get his life back on track.

Paul Rudd has had his fair share of hits and flops but the positive buzz surrounding this film and the all-star cast is sure to bring in the crowds. The trailer gives a great taste of the Little Miss Sunshine style family comedy we can expect to see when the film finally hits our shore, though it currently has no Australian release date.

With the tagline ‘Every Family Has An Idiot’ it’s worth watching the trailer for the final shot alone, involving a young child, a door and Paul Rudd kicking.

Discuss: Does the film look a little too “indie cute”?

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