Hunger Games finds its Foxface; Harrelson, Tucci and Kravitz rumoured to star

The Hunger Games District 5 tributes have been cast. Two newcomers (Chris Mark and Jacqueline Emerson) have landed the roles of Tribute Boy and Foxface in the Gary Ross directed film.

While Chris Mark’s role as Tribute Boy is small, his fellow district tribute Jackie Emerson has landed herself quite an important role. Foxface becomes a considerable opponent to Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) in the Games. Though her character doesn’t speak in the novel, this might of course change in the film.

Given the nickname by Katniss, Foxface’s goal is to survive the Games without bloodshed. With no alliances she was labelled sly and elusive, often outwitting many of the other tributes. Given the nickname for appearance as well as mannerisms, I would say Lionsgate are spot on with their casting of Emerson.

Vulture is reporting offers have been made to Stanley Tucci, Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson. However, they also reported John C. Reilly had been offered the coveted role of Haymitch, something Reilly’s reps have stringently denied. It’s thought Harrelson has been approached to play Seneca Crane, Head Hunger Games Gamemaker. No word on who Tucci or Kravitz are pegged to play though many are speculating Tucci would make a fine Cinna, personal stylist to Katniss during the Games.

Keep up to date on further casting as it’s announced over at the official Hunger Games Facebook page.

Discuss: Does she look like a Foxface to you?

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  1. Not quiet what I had pictured, but yeah, I think this will work.

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