Soderbergh to direct Channing Tatum stripper flick

In a story of art imitating life, Steven Soderbergh is set to delay retirement to direct beef cake Channing Tatum in a new film inspired by Tatum’s days as a male stripper.

According to Deadline, Magic Mike will be a story of friendship set in the sexy world of male strippers. Finally the ladies will have their own Showgirls, and no, The Full Monty does not count.

Tatum will play the lead, who teaches a young dancer the ways of the stripping world, on and off the stage. It’s apparently one wild summer of dancing, partying and women – sounds trashtastic!

Based on Tatum’s experiences as a 19-year-old stripper, Soderbergh said, “When Channing talked to me about this, I thought it was one of the best ideas I’d ever heard for a movie. I said I wanted in immediately. It’s sexy, funny and shocking. We’re using Saturday Night Fever as our model, so hopefully we’re on the right track.”

Tatum described the period of his life as “a wild and pivotal time” and said he “couldn’t be more thrilled to go down the rabbit hole with Steven.”

With Soderbegh’s imminent retirement, is it wise to end what some would call a masterful career with a Channing Tatum stripper movie? Why the heck not we say; we’ve seen Tatum “acting” and we’ve seen his “dancing” on YouTube, and we know which one he’s better at.

Discuss: A fitting role for Tatum?

One Response to “Soderbergh to direct Channing Tatum stripper flick”

  1. Hee hee can the title music please be “Male Stripper” (a dodgy late 80’s dance club hit)? This movie will either be great or really bad – no inbetween.

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