See Edward and Bella’s honeymoon snaps from Breaking Dawn

If you consider that headline a spoiler, well, you clearly don’t care enough about The Twilight Saga to even read this article. May I instead direct your attention to this piece on The Avengers ? For the rest of you, Summit have released a whole bunch of pictures from Breaking Dawn – Part One, the first half of their two-part series’ finale.

Although none of these pictures are as saucy as the one released from Edward and Bella’s wedding night, they give us a good idea of how the vampire/human lovebirds will spend their romantic getaway: playing chess, embracing, pouting. Not pictured: Bella’s violent deflowering.

There are plenty more pics from Breaking Dawn – Part One over at Slashfilm. In the meantime, we eagerly await the first pictures released from the birth scene…

Breaking Dawn – Part One will hit cinemas November 18, 2011, while Part Two will arrive November 16, 2012. Both directed by Bill Condon and starring Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

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One Response to “See Edward and Bella’s honeymoon snaps from Breaking Dawn”

  1. It will be interesting to see how they handle the many layered facets of this book. I am glad that they split it into two movies, I don’t think that even Melissa Rosenberg’s skill’s could handle trying to make a decent script out of Breaking Dawn.

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